delicious meals and mexico

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been a whirlwind month that flew by with the help of many a cake, dinner, and of course a fantastic trip to the baja in mexico.  It was a really rejuvenating trip, thanks to good friends and April & Alec Tidey at the Baja Bean. I must post on the food there- fish tacos, cervezas, and the best chocolate cake you’ve ever tasted (April’s family recipe) are a dangerous combination.

I have some lovely dishes to share: maybe the best quick pasta dish you’ve ever tasted, two of my favorite quick weeknight meals (hint: one involves tofu! meatless monday!), an appetizer that will end your boredom of appetizers (anyone else feel this way?!) and of course a few treats. It’s really important to me that everything I share is really a favorite of mine- something I’ve made more than a few times that I love and I crave. That means I won’t be updating here every day- but when I do, I hope you know it’s good!

I’ve applied for a UBC CSA basket for the summer- a basket of produce grown on the UBC farm that I pick up once a week (via bicycle, this could be interesting). Fingers crossed that it comes though- I’m looking forward to experimenting with some greens and new vegetables!

Expect some new food updates soon- for now, hold tight, and make these scones for your momma on Mother’s Day. They really are delicious.


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